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MP3100 - Broad Type Machine Controller


The MP3100 Broad Type Machine Controller integrates the motion, vision, and robot systems that are indispensable to machine control to achieve ideal control of machine systems. And integrated management of information allows you to monitor the entire system to improve maintainability and traceability.

Greater CPU Performance

The processing speed is four times faster than the MP2100. The high-speed scan time can be set to as low as 125s.


A 125- s communications cycle enables detailed commands to be sent at high speeds and improves processing precision and tracking accuracy.

High-speed I/O (5 inputs and 4 outputs)

A High-speed I/O Module is built in to provide I/O service with a high-speed scan of 125 s.

PCI Express

Faster data communications between the Machine Controller and PC reduces take time. For example, 500 words of register data can be read with only about a third of the register access time (in comparison to the MP2100).

                       MP3100 PCI Express


Easily Collect Large Quantities of Data

Save logs of the equipment operation conditions in the computer's HDD or USB memory device.


MP3100 memory device


High-precision Troubleshooting

Find problems that may have been missed with high-speed logging that is synchronized with the scan.

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