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MP2300 / MP2310 / MP2300S - All-in-one Type Machine Controller

MP2300 / MP2310 / MP2300S - All-in-one Type Machine Controller

MP2300 / MP2310 / MP2300S


The optimal controller for systems requiring high cost performance for various simple motion controls, from positioning and interpolation to sophisticated multi-axis control.
The MP2300 is an All-in-One Machine Controller that provides many functions that can be used flexibly by the customer to develop the ideal system for the machine.


Integration of Power Supply, CPU, Communications, and Servo Control


Standard PLCs require a power supply, CPUs, positioning modules, I/Os and communication modules, increasing costs.

When the MP2000 Series is Used

Whatever is needed for motion control can be integrated into the basic module.
I/Os and communications can be expanded by attaching optional modules when needed.
The same programs as the MP2200 can be used to fully support functions. This is an all-purpose controller to which any optional module can be mounted.

Name Model Built-in Number
of Slots
Number of
Controlled Axes
I/O Communication Servo Control Standard Number
of Controlled Axes
MP2300 JEPMC-MP2300

Input: 8 points

Output: 4 points

MP2310 JEPMC-MP2310-E - Ethernet×1 64
MP2300S JEPMC-MP2300S-E   - 1 32


High-speed Synchronous Distributed System with Multiple Controllers


When using only one controller, the control cycle becomes longer.

When the MP2000 Series is Used

The new slave-CPU synchronization function has been added to the standard motion network MECHATROLINK-II on the MP2310 and MP2300S.By connecting slave machine controllers to the master MP2000 Series Machine Controller with MECHATROLINK, synchronous operation between slave controllers is possible. In this way, the total load can be divided, so the load of each slave controller is reduced and high-speed synchronous operation for multi-axis motions can be performed.

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