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MP2100 - Broad Type Machine Controller



Perfect for machines connected to a personal computer.
The motion network for servo drives has been sped up. This allows the user to easily adjust gain and switch speed control, torque control, and position control.


Wide Selection of Motion API Functions

Using a personal computer to prepare motion programs is very convenient. We provide a lineup of 51 models of application program interfaces (API) for various motion controls that can be used with your personal computer.


Motion Network Transmission Speed: 10 Mbps

With high-speed network communications to Servodrives, changing gains and switching between speed, torque, and position control can be accomplished online while the machine is running, so you can flexibly control machine motions.


Easy Setup

No need to input settings because the MP2100 automatically recognizes the connected Option Modules and Servodrives.


With Ladder Works and Application Converter Function

Easy-to-use Windows®-based programming. Ladder programs for the MP910 can be easily converted for use with the MP2100. Total support for all stages of programming is also provided.

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