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GA700 - AC Drives for Industrial Applications

Yaskawa’s GA700 Series offers the best value proposition for industrial applications. The GA700 is the right choice with a compact, flexible, straightforward design by integrating and embedding key AC drive attributes focused on optimized installation and minimized start-up.


Effortless Network Integration

GA700 drives support all major industrial communications to adapt to various factory automation networks. Reducing wiring when connecting to an upper level controller or PLC through available built-in protocols and/or dedicated communication options

Network Integration Benefits/Features

Supports All Major Networks
• Network compliance tested
• Network up to 5 drives with a single communication card

Cost Savings with Built-in Protocols
• RS-422/485 MEMOBUS/Modbus protocol
• 115.2 kbps communication speeds

Maintain Communication During Main Power-loss
• Embedded +24VDC input control input power standard



One For All

Versatile motor control with one drive to control any induction or permanent magnet motor with or without an encoder device.

Motor Control Benefits/Features

Flexible Motor Control
• Tuning-less with EZ vector
• Open/closed loop speed or torque control
• Induction/permanent magnet motors
• Synchronous reluctance (SynRM) motors
• 590Hz output frequency
• Zero speed control

Energy Savings 
• High precision control
• Automatic energy efficiency optimizer with Smart Power Saver function


Powerful Configuration Tool

DriveWizard® is an offline/online parameter and drive configuration tool. The easy and intuitive tool is used for setup, maintenance and troubleshooting offering parameter editing, storing and file comparison as well as online trending using the highly functional oscilloscope feature.


The GA700 further enhances the programming experience with DriveWorksEZ®. DriveWorksEZ® offers an icon-based, drag-n-drop graphical environment to add programmable functions that can tailor the drive to meet various machine and application requirements without the cost of external controllers, such as PLCs or additional controller hardware options.

Application Toolbox Benefits/Features

Drive Management with DriveWizard®
• Parameter management
• Online manual
• Report generation and export data
• 6 channels
• Real-time monitoring
• Access through USB, RS-232, EtherNet IP, Modbus TCP/IP, and PROFINET
• Automatic parameter conversion from previous series drives

Customizable with DriveWorksEZ®
• Icon-based graphics
• Drag-n-drop graphical interface
• I/O, drive and network interface
• Select from 280+ function blocks
• Logic/math functions
• Timers/counters
• Subroutine creation
• Up to 200 connections


Quick & Easy Set-up

The GA700 provides a user programming experience with an intuitively-designed keypad and tactile user interface. The programming set-up time is faster and easier when scrolling through the navigation menus and start-up wizards. The keypad programming is complimented by easy-to-understand iconic symbols.

Keypad Benefits/Features

Reduce Set-up Time
• Start-up wizard
• Favourite parameter/monitor function
• Copy keypad
• Parameter set is backward compatible with previous generation drive products
• Fast navigation
• Help function

Drive Parameter Management
• Copy keypad
• Storage of up to 4 drive parameter sets
• Datalogging with real-time stamped data and fault logging (up to 32GB micro SD)
• Data trending for energy consumption analysis
• Multiple parameter storage
• Automatic parameter back-up

Easy to Use
• LCD keypad with Bluetooth® option
• Display contrast control
• Real-time clock with time stamp
• Tactile feel buttons
• Remote mounting of keypad using standard RJ45 extension cable



Keypad Extension Cable 

Enables remote operation.


Safe, Convenient Set-up and Monitoring

The GA700 offers an additional attribute for programming access and control utilizing PC or mobile device. Whether interfacing with the GA700 using a PC interface or mobile device, drive programming, parameter access and monitoring can provide a safe and convenient method for drive set-up. The drive information and parameter storage can then be easily transferred and retrieved to and from the Yaskawa Drive cloud.

Low Power Benefits/Features

Low Voltage Commissioning
• Embedded +24VDC control supply input
• Customer use +24VDC output
• Drive set-up without 3-phase power
• Firmware upgrades
• Datalogging/parameter storage
• Removable terminal board

Cloud Service
• Online manual
• Parameter backup
• Troubleshooting tips
• Additional product data

Mobile Apps
• DriveWizard® mobile

Integrated Functional Safety

Installation reliability are increased with higher safety integrity levels available with the built-in STO feature. The GA700 is designed for SIL3 STO functional safety with 2-terminal-pin STO (Safe Torque Off) as standard. 

Functional Safety Benefits/Features

Increase Reliability/Safety
• STO with SIL3/PLe according to IEC 61800-5-2/IEC 61508/ISO 13849
• EDM monitor
• Reduce parts count


Meets Global Standards

Globally certified to meet a wide range of application standards and compliance levels. Global standard such as UL, CE to application specific certifications.

Standards Benefits/Features

Local/Global Standards
• CE
• KC

• RoHS


Environmental Protection with Flexible Package Design

Flexible product design that is adaptable for various environmental conditions. The enclosure is designed with flexibility for simple cabinet installation to outdoor exposure.

Enhanced Product Benefits/Features

Installation Ease - Panel/Enclosure
• IP20 standard
• NEMA 1 kit optional
• Type 12/IP55 protected heatsink
• IEC 60721-3-3, class 3C2/3S2 conformal coated boards
• Side-by-side mounting
• Built-in braking transistor (up to 75kW)

Reduce Harmonics/Emissions
• Built-in C3/C2 filters as factory option
• Built-in DCL (above 18.5kW)

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