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FSDrive-MX1S - Super Energy Saving Medium Voltage Matrix Converter with Power Regeneration



The FSDrive-MX1S matrix converter is a drive system that employs the world's first matrix converter technology to eliminate all of the problems found in conventional medium-voltage motor drives. The FSDrive-MX1S demonstrates unbelievable energy savings due to its power regeneration as well as the optimum control of all medium-voltage motors due to sinusoidal waveforms of the power supply and output signals.


Matrix Converter Principles

Matrix Converter for Lightning-quick Acceleration/Deceleration with Less Power

The power output from the power supply to the motor and the power regenerated from the motor and returned to the power supply can be freely controlled by turning the semiconductor switches on and off in Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control. Because AC voltage is directly output from an AC power supply to drive a motor, regenerative energy can be returned from the motor to the power supply.


Dynamic Operation at Variable Speeds

With the power regeneration function that returns energy to the power supply when the motor decelerates, your machinery can quickly respond to sudden changes in acceleration or deceleration. The FSDrive-MX1S is designed for applications that require low-speed operation and quick deceleration because the FSDrive-MX1S requires no capacity margin when operating at low speeds.


Outstanding Energy Savings

The power factor is always kept at 0.95. Because the power factor remains unchanged regardless of operation speed, no energy is wasted. The FSDrive-MX1S requires no output transformer because the AC voltage is directly output from an AC power supply and maintains a power conversion efficiency of approximately 98%. These features together with the power regeneration improve energy savings by at least 20% in comparison with conventional medium-voltage inverters (according to Yaskawa's test report).

No Harmonic Measure with Sinusoidal Input Waveform

The PWM Control with Multi-output Connected in a Series for Sensitive Environments with Reduced Footprint and Wiring

The input waveform is sinusoidal wave and rarely contains harmonics.
Therefore, the medium-voltage matrix converter single-unit has cleared the harmonics control guideline specified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (former ministry of International Trade and Industry) so that any harmonics filter or active filter is not needed.


Applicable with Existing Motors with the Quasi-sinusoidal Waveforms

The output waveform is quasi-sinusoidal and generates no harmful surge voltage. So, existing motors or cables can be used without modification.


Low Initial Setup and Wiring Costs with Simple Configuration

The revolutionary technology used in the FSDrive-MX1S results in improved performance and eliminates the need for many peripheral devices such as capacitors to improve the power factor, devices to prevent harmonics, braking units, and input transformers. As a result, the system configuration is so simple that the initial setup and wiring costs are greatly reduced.
The main circuit does not have an electrolytic capacitor with limited product lives so less maintenance is required.

•    3 Power Cells per Phase

•    Example of 3 kV

Stable Operation

Intelligent and Stable Operation with the Latest Technology

The matrix converter re-accelerates to the reference speed almost at the same time as the power is restored to ensure that the drive starts smoothly during a momentary power loss of two seconds.


PLC Cards

By inserting a PLC card into the control section, you can easily load a ladder program. The FSDrive-MX1S effectively and optimally drives and controls a medium-voltage motor using your own program.


Excellent Monitoring

The enhanced trace function and LAN compatibility enable you to easily monitor the operation status for protective maintenance and quick intervention.

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