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FSDrive-MV1000 - Super Energy Saving Medium Voltage AC Drive



The FSDrive-MV1000 is Yaskawa's latest medium-voltage AC drive with multi-outputs connected in series.
The world's smallest dimensions have been achieved with a simplified main circuit configuration. The drive includes many features such as stable continuous operations and the industry's highest level of energy savings. The lineup covers input/output voltages from 2.4 kV to 11 kV, and meets the world's major standards.


Optimized Component Selection and Arrangement Reduces Volume Occupied by up to 60%!

Minimal Height and Small Footprint

The compact design realized by developing thin power cells with three-level single phase output, and adopting a simple circuit configuration, a draw-out control panel and thin cooling fans, has resulted in a significant volume reduction of 30 to 60% when compared to the conventional Yaskawa product. The unit can even fit in a standard container for transportation.

∗ :    Restrictions might apply. Please contact Yaskawa for details.

Everything has been done to achieve a small footprint, especially for 3 kV class drives (800 kVA or less), with the transformers located in the bottom of the panel and the power cells and controller at the top.

Minimal Height and Small Footprint

Maintenance of Individual Power Cells

Power cells can be replaced and maintained individually. The construction designed for single-action mounting and removal reduces the replacement time and facilitates maintenance operations.

Maintenance of Individual Power Cells

Employs Open Loop Vector Control. Highly Resistant to Fluctuations in Power Supply and Load!

Offering better performance, functionality, and reliability in low- and medium-voltage drives, and enabling stable continuous operation.

High-level Control

Open Loop Vector control enables smooth acceleration from a low-speed range without using a speed detector. Operation is stable, unaffected by fluctuations in load. The high performance vector control drives synchronous motors as well as induction motors.

•    Starting Characteristics

High-level Control

•    Running Multiple Motors

The capability to run multiple induction motors in parallel with a single drive can reduce the size of the system as a whole.

Running Multiple Motors
Note :    When running multiple motor operations, a protective device is required on each motor.


Controlled and Secure Operation at Momentary Power Loss

FSDrive-MV1000 continues to operate for a number of cycles∗1 when a momentary power loss occurs, and re-accelerates to the reference speed immediately after the power is restored to ensure a smooth system start-up.

∗1 :    The retention time varies depending on the types of load and operation status.

•    Speed Search Function

Speed Search Function

•    KEB Function∗2

KEB Function

∗2 :KEB (Kinetic Energy Back-up) Function:
Function to continue operation without baseblocking during a momentary power loss.


Incorporates Yaskawa's Smart Harmonics Technology and PWM Control with Multiple Outputs Connected in Series. Sinusoidal Input and Output Waves Ensure Easy Introduction at Facilities!

Minimized Harmonics Comply with Guidelines

Yaskawa's original smart harmonics technology incorporated in FSDrive-MV1000 drastically cuts input harmonics. The resulting input waveform is sinusoidal, making it possible to clear the harmonics control guideline specified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and by IEEE519-1992, as an individual drive. This means that no harmonics filter or active filter is necessary.
(Conducted a harmonics test in the presence of an authority from a global certification organization.)

•    Measured Harmonics in Input Current
(For 3.3 kV, 630 kW, 60 Hz, full-load contract demand of 630 kW)

  5th 7th 11th 13th 17th 19th 23rd 25th 29th 31st
IEEE519 4.00 4.00 2.00 2.00 1.50 1.50 0.60 0.60 0.60 0.60
Guideline 4.00 2.80 1.80 1.50 1.10 1.00 0.90 0.80 0.80 0.80
Measured Value
1.00 0.60 1.40 0.90 0.10 0.20 0.40 0.20 0.30 0.10

(Unit: %)                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
∗ :    Guideline of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry                                                                        

•    Easily Applicable to Existing Motors

PWM control with multiple outputs connected in a series outputs sinusoidal wave voltage.
This has the following benefits:

•    Free from oscillation surge voltage affecting the motor
•    Low torque ripple, easing the load
•    Noise as low as commercial power supply operation

These benefits make it possible to use the existing motors and wiring cables without adding filters or other modifications.

Easily Applicable to Existing Motors

•    Input Waveform

Input Waveform

•    Output Waveform

Line-to-Line Voltage (for 6 kV Class Drives)

Output Waveform
Phase Voltage (For Single Power Cell)Phase Voltage (For Single Power Cell)
Note :    VPN : DC bus voltage for a single power cell

World's Highest Standard of Performance Reduces Power Wastage!

High Efficiency and High Power Factor

Since FSDrive-MV1000 is a direct medium-voltage drive that does not need an output transformer, it can maintain a power conversion efficiency of approximately 97% over a wide speed range and secure a power supply factor of 0.95 (at rated load), avoiding energy wastage.

•    Power Conversion Efficiency Ratio

Power Conversion Efficiency Ratio


Energy Saving by Speed Control

The shaft power of wind and hydraulic machines such as fans, blowers, and pumps is proportional to the cube of the rotational speed.
Since drives maintain high efficiency even at low speed, a significant energy saving effect can be expected by using drives for wind and hydraulic machines and operating them at lower speeds.

•    Example: Calculation Formulae for Energy Saving Effects with Fans and Blowers

Example: Calculation Formulae for Energy Saving Effects with Fans and Blowers

•    Power Consumption Characteristic Curve

Power Consumption Characteristic Curve

Employs the Same User Interfaces as Yaskawa's 1000 Series Low-voltage Drives

Operation, adjustment, maintenance, and management are very easy, as with Yaskawa low-voltage drives.

Easy-to-use User Interfaces

A Digital Operator with an easy-to-view LCD display (the same as used on Yaskawa's 1000 series low-voltage drives) is provided on the front panel as standard, making it easy to operate and set the drive.
The engineering tool DriveWizard Plus MV enables consolidated management of the parameters for each drive and makes for easy adjustment and maintenance.

Easy-to-use User Interfaces

Compatible with World’s Major Field Network Protocols

The RS-485 communication function (MEMOBUS/Modbus protocol) is installed as standard. By adding an optional communication card, the major field network protocols can be supported. Achieve centralized control of production equipment and fewer connecting cables by connecting the drive to host computer or PLC.

Compatible with World’s Major Field Network Protocols
∗ :Yaskawa's dedicated communication protocol
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