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D1000 - Power Regenerative Converter


The D1000 is a sinusoidal PWM converter capable of power regeneration. Use with an AC drive results in highly efficient operations and eliminates power harmonics problems.

Save More Energy

Save More Electricity with Power Regeneration

Combined with drives or servo systems, D1000 lets you effectively use energy by returning regenerative energy to the power supply.


Reduce Wasteful Heat Loss

You can greatly reduce heat loss from power supply facilities caused by harmonics.

Connect Multiple Units

Save Energy with Regenerative Energy
In equipment that uses many drives or many servos, you can save energy by using all of the regenerative energy that you used to waste as the energy for other equipment.

Supply Stable DC Voltages
You can supply a stable DC voltage to drives and servo systems without being influenced by fluctuations in the input AC voltage.


Energy Savings That You Can See

You can use analog outputs and communications networks to easily and visually monitor all sorts of data. Operation is as easy as for a Yaskawa 1000-series AC drive.


Solve Your Harmonics Issues

No Power Supply Harmonics

There are no power supply harmonics (K5=0)and input power supply current waveform distortion is greatly reduced. You can comply with harmonic suppression guidelines. You do not need a separate harmonic compensator to reduce harmonics to the same degree as an active filter.


Downsize Power Supply Equipment

Improved Power Factor

Power supply power factor 1 control∗ and sinusoidal PWM control enable downsizing power supply facilities, including power cables and power receiving equipment, which greatly reduces facilities costs.

By improving the power factor, you can expand equipment without increasing the capacity of existing power supply facilities.

* : Power supply power factor 1 control: Control in which the power supply phase voltage and power supply current are in the same phase (power factor of 1).

Reduce Your Maintenance Costs

Long Life Performance

Ten Years of Durable Performance

Cooling fans, capacitors, and relays have been carefully selected and designed for a life expectancy of up to ten years.

∗ :   Assumes the drive is running continuously for 24 hours a day at 80% load with an ambient temperature of 40 °C.

Performance Life Monitors

The D1000 is equipped with performance life monitors that notify the user of part wear and maintenance periods to prevent problems before they occur.

The D1000 outputs a signal to the control device indicating components may need to be replaced

Easy Maintenance

Terminal Board with a Parameter Backup Function

The terminal block's ability to save parameter setting data makes it a breeze to get the application back online in the event of a failure requiring unit replacement.

Terminal Block

Engineering Tool DriveWizard Plus

  • Manage the unique settings for all your D1000 right on your PC
  • An indispensable tool for D1000 setup and maintenance. Edit parameters, access all monitors, create customized operation sequences, and observe D1000 performance with the oscilloscope function.


Parameter Copy Function

  • All standard models are equipped with a Parameter Copy function using the keypad that allows parameter settings to be easily copied from the drive or uploaded for quick setup.
  • A USB Copy Unit is also available as an even faster, more convenient way to back up settings and instantly program the drive.


Global Standards

We Support Global Business

Compliance with Global Standards

RoHS compliant

Support for Field Networks

RS-422/RS-485 communications capability with the MEMOBUS/Modbus protocol is a standard feature. And you can mount communications options cards to enable using the main open field networks.

Support for Field Networks


Greater Downsizing

More Compact and Less Wiring

Modules for peripheral devices, such as reactors, enable downsizing and reduce wiring. What you achieve is more compact equipment.

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