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CP-3550 - System Controller



The CP-3550 Control Pack is a system controller that has enough capacity to provide centralized and integrated control for a large-scale plant.
With its high performance, advanced functions, and easy handling, the CP-3550 can meet your requirements for high throughput, redundant system, and centralized control of sophisticated systems.


High-speed and Large-capacity

•    Up to 512k steps of program memory and a high-speed arithmetic processor.
•  Four virtual CPUs in one Main Frame (MF) module. Each virtual CPU can be used independently as a controller. Also, a system with multiple MF modules improves processing speed and capacity.


•    A large-capacity FPGA is used for better self-diagnosis. Also, the battery back-up memory, with an Error Check and Correct (ECC) function, increases the reliability of the CP-3550.
•   The dual-MF configuration allows non-stop operation. Even if an error occurs in one module, the other module continues the operation. The modules can be replaced while the power runs. Hot swapping of the modules is possible.


•    User-friendly support for everything from system design to maintenance even for sophisticated and complex configurations.
•   Trace functions for large-capacity system to collect Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability (RAS) data from individual components and rapidly pinpoint the location of any faults.

Flexible System Configuration

Enhanced expandability for affordability. Supports field networks needed for future expansion.

•    Compact design with simple module addition and/or change.
•    Flexible system configuration with communication network.

Improved Stability

Provided with functions to keep system working even when trouble or failure occurs in a particular module.

•    Module hot swapping
•    Dual module and communications

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