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A1000 - High Performance Vector Control



A top quality drive: silent, beautiful, and incredibly powerful. Perfectly designed functions open a new field with A1000. Integrating the latest vector control technology in a general purpose drive with the performance of a higher order demanded by the drives industry.

The Most Advanced Drive Technology

Maximum applicable motor capacity (kW) indicates capacity under heavy-duty (HD) rating.

  • Capable of driving any kind of motor.
    A1000 runs not only induction motors, but also synchronous motors like IPM and SPM motors with high performance current vector control.
  • Minimize equipment needed for your business by using the same drive to run induction and synchronous motors.
  • Switch easily between motor types with a single parameter setting.


Rotor Positioning without Motor Encoder

  • Use an IPM motor to perform position control without motor feedback.
    Electrical saliency in IPM motors makes it possible to detect speed, direction, and rotor position without the use of a motor encoder.
  • Precision positioning functionality without an up-per controller.
    Visual programming in DriveWorksEZ lets the user easily create a customized position control sequence, without the use a motor encoder.


Cutting-Edge Torque Characteristics

  • Powerful torque at 0 Hz, without a motor encoder∗
    Once out of reach for AC drives, Yaskawa now offers advanced control features without a motor encoder. Achieve even more powerful starting torque at zero speed with an IPM motor.
    ∗ :   No speed sensors or pole sensors required.

∗1 :   Achieving this torque output requires a larger capacity drive.
∗2 :   Contact your Yaskawa or nearest agent when using PM motors except SSR1 series or SST4 series motors manufactured by Yaskawa Motor Co., Ltd.

Torque characteristics                                                                                     

[Advanced Open Loop Vector Control for PM with an IPM motor]                


Comparing the speed control range
[Advanced Open Loop Vector Control for PM with an IPM motor]


  • High-performance current vector control achieves powerful starting torque with an induction motor.
    Powerful starting torque with an induction motor.

*: Achieving this torque output requires a larger capacity drive.


Loaded with Auto-Tuning Features

  • Auto-Tuning features optimize drive parameters for operation with induction motors as well as synchronous motors to achieve the highest performance levels possible.
  • Perfects not only the drive and motor performance, but also automatically adjusts settings relative to the connected machinery.
    A variety of ways to automatically optimize drive settings and performance

Note: This type of Auto-Tuning is available only for motors less than 450 kW using an encoder.

  • Brand-new Auto-Tuning methods.
    A1000 continuously analyzes changes in motor characteristics during run for highly precise speed control.


Smooth Operation

  • Smooth low speed operation thanks to even better torque ripple suppression.
    Comparing torque ripple at zero speed (Closed Loop Vector)


Tackling Power Loss and Recovery

  • A1000 offers two ways to handle momentary power loss.
  • A1000 is capable of handling momentary power loss for induction motors as well as synchronous motors without the use of a motor encoder.
    Speed search
    Easily find the speed of a coasting motor for a smooth restart.
    Applications : Perfect for fans, blowers, and other rotating, fluid-type applications.

Keep the motor running without allowing it to coast.
Applications : Highly recommended for film lines and other applications requiring continuous operation.

Note: Requires a separate sensor to detect power loss.
The drive may trip depending on load conditions, and the motor coast to stop.

  • Ride through power loss for up to 2 seconds.∗
    Crucial for semi-conductor manufacturers
    No need to purchase a backup power supply
    Detects, outputs an undervoltage signal during power loss
    ∗ :   The Momentary Power Loss Recovery Unit option may be required depending on the capacity of the drive.

Next-Generation Energy Saving

  • Loaded with the most advanced energy-saving control technology
    Energy Saving control makes highly efficient operation possible with an induction motor.
    ∗ :  Available for models less than 450 kW.
  • Amazing energy saving with a synchronous motor
    Combining the high efficiency of a synchronous motor along with A1000's Energy Saving control capabilities allows for unparalleled energy saving.
    ∗ :  Available for models less than 450 kW.

    Efficiency using a motor drive

    Example shows a 200 V 3.7 kW drive in a fan or pump application.

Examples of energy saving with drives


Protective Design

  • A variety of protective designs are available to reinforce the drive against moisture, dust, oil mist, vibration, corrosive sulfur gas, conductive particles, and other harsh environments.
  • IP54 drip-proof and dustproof options are also of-fered.
    ∗ : Available soon



  • All standard products are fully compliant with the EU's RoHS directive.

Noise Reduction

  • A1000 uses Yaskawa's Swing PWM function to suppress electromagnetic and audible motor noise, creating a more peaceful environment.
    ∗ : Available for models less than 450 kW.

    Comparing our former product line with our new Swing PWM feature

    Note : Calculated by comparing peak values during noise generation

Suppressing Power Supply Harmonics

  • A DC reactor minimizes harmonic distortion, standard on drives 22 kW and above.
  • Standard Models CIMR-A?4A0930 and 4A1200 are compatible for operation with 12-phase rectification.
    Dedicated models CIMR-A?2A0004 to 2A0415 and 4A0002 to 4A0675 for the 12-phase rectification are under development.
    ∗ :   Requires a separate 3-winding transformer.
  • Filter option available soon to suppress harmonic distortion.


Safety Regulations

  • The products comply with ISO/EN13849-1 Cat.3 PLd and IEC/EN61508 SIL2 (two safety inputs and one EDM output).
  • An External Device Monitor (EDM) function has also been added to monitor the safety status of the drive.

    Safe Disable example: Door switch circuit

    A1000 is equipped with 2 input terminals and a single output terminal for connecting a safe disable device.

    Input : Triggered when either terminal H1 or H2 opens.
    Output : EDM output monitors the safety status of the drive.

Controlled Stop Despite Power Loss

  • Should a power outage occur, A1000 can bring the application to controlled stop quickly and safely using the KEB function.

    Quickly ramp to stop with KEB function

    Applications : Perfect for spindle drive application and film production lines where stopping methods are crucial to the application to reduce production cost.

Even More and More Compact

    • Yaskawa continues to make applications even smaller by combining the world's smallest drive in its class with the light, efficient design of a synchronous motor.
      Comparing drive dimensions

      Example: 400 V Class 75 kW


      Comparing motor dimensions

      Example: 200 V 3.7 kW motor


    • Use Side-by-Side installation for an even more compact setup.
      ∗ :    For models up to 18.5 kW.
    • Finless models∗ also available.
      ∗ :    For release soon
    • Dual Rating allows for an even more compact setup
      Each drive lets the user choose between Normal Duty or Heavy Duty operation. Depending on the application, A1000 can run a motor an entire frame size larger than our previous model.

      Select the drive rating that best fits the application needs


Note :  Always select a drive with a current rating greater than the motor rated current.


Customize Your Drive




  • DriveWorksEZ visual programming tool with all models
    Simply drag and drop icons to completely customize your drive. Create special sequences and detection functions, then load them onto the drive.
    Program a customized sequence

    Example : Positioning control without a motor encoder

  • Create customized detection features

    Example : Machine weakening analysis using torque pulse detection

  • USB for connecting to a PC
    USB port lets the drive connect to a PC


    Note :  Drives are also equipped with an RJ-45 comm. port that takes the existing WV103 cable used in Yaskawa's previous models. Simply remove the operator keypad for to the RJ-45 connector.


Breeze-Easy Setup

Immediate setup with Application Presets
A1000 automatically sets parameters needed for most major applications.
Simply selecting the appropriate application instantly optimizes the drive for top performance, saving enormous time setting up for a trial run.


Example using Application Presets

Selecting "Conveyor" optimizes five parameter settings so the drive is ready to start running your conveyor application immediately.


Variety of Braking Functions

  • Overexcitation deceleration brings the motor to an immediate stop without the use of a braking resistor.
  • All models up to 30 kW are equipped with a braking transistor for even more powerful braking options by just adding a braking resistor.


All Major Serial Network Protocols

  • RS-422/485 (MEMOBUS/Modbus at 115.2 kbps) standard on all models.
  • Option cards available for all major serial networks used across the globe: PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet, CC-Link, CANopen, LONWORKS, MECHATROLINK-II, MECHATROLINK-III, among others.
    ∗ :   Available soon
    Note :   Registered trademarks of those companies.
  • Less wiring and space-saving features make for easy installation and maintenance.


Application-Specific Software

  • Software for cranes, and for high-frequency output applications, are available.


Long Life Performance

Ten Years of Durable Performance

  • Cooling fan, capacitors, relays, and IGBTs have been carefully selected and designed for a life expectancy up to ten years.
    ∗ :   Assumes the drive is running continuously for 24 hours a day at 80% load with an ambient temperature of 40°C.


Motor Life

  • Thanks to relatively low copper loss in the rotor and a cool shaft during operation, synchronous motors have a bearing life twice that of induction motors.


Performance Life Monitors

  • Yaskawa's latest drive series is equipped with performance life monitors that notify the user of part wear and maintenance periods to prevent problems before they occur.

    Drive outputs a signal to the control device indicating components may need to be replaced


Easy Maintenance

The First Terminal Board with a Parameter Backup Function

    • The terminal block's ability to save parameter setting data makes it a breeze to get the application back online in the event of a failure requiring drive replacement.

      A1000 Terminal Block

Engineering Tool DriveWizard Plus

  • Manage the unique settings for all your drives right on your PC.
  • An indispensable tool for drive setup and maintenance. Edit parameters, access all monitors, create customized operation sequences, and observe drive performance with the oscilloscope function.
  • The Drive Replacement feature in DriveWizard Plus saves valuable time during equipment replacement and application upgrades by converting previous Yaskawa product parameter values to the new A1000 parameters automatically.

    Drive Replacement Function


    Note :   To obtain a copy of DriveWizard Plus, contact Yaskawa.


Parameter Copy Function

  • All standard models are equipped with a Parameter Copy function using the keypad that allows parameter settings to be easily copied from the drive or uploaded for quick setup.
  • A USB Copy Unit is also available as an even faster, more convenient way to back up settings and instantly program the drive.

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