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A1000 - Frequency Inverter for Marine Applications

A1000 Germanischer Lloyd - Marine Applications


Frequency Inverter for Marine Applications


A1000 Series frequency inverters from YASKAWA are suitable for drive solutions in marine applications. Vibrations, heat and humidity which are common conditions on board of ships coupled with the necessity of ultimate reliability are demanding technical requirements.

A1000 robust design and many clever functionalities make this inverter the choice for drives in marine.

Germanischer Lloyd (GL) has certified the A1000 inverter drive from YASKAWA in the performance classes of 0.4 to 300 kW for the maritime industry and marine engineering. This means that the devices meet the high standards and requirements of the industry. The characteristic advantages of drive technology – such as energy-efficient operation that does not damage materials – can now also be used in numerous shipping-specific applications.

Particularly in the case of ships, there should be no compromise on quality and thus on reliability. Space is limited aboard ships and they operate in tough environments. For this reason, technical solutions for ships must use as little space as possible, while being easily accessible, extremely reliable and very low-maintenance. The compact standard inverter drives of the A1000 series from YASKAWA meet all of these requirements.


  • Standard devices are certified for marine applications (Germanischer Lloyd, more possible)
  • Substantial energy savings and thereby fuel savings compared to unregulated drives
  • High flexibility in drive dimensioning
  • High efficiency
  • Easy adaption to any motor and application
  • Proven YASKAWA reliability and durability Worldwide availability and service


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