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Yaskawa Corporation sponsors a $431,200 Laboratory for Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST), shaping the future of Industry 4.0

On January 25, 2024, Yaskawa Electric Corporation, a pioneering automation technology conglomerate from Japan, officially donated a modern laboratory to the Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST). This event not only marks a deep collaboration between the two sides but also represents a solid step in applying advanced technology to education and research in Vietnam, especially in the context of the strong ongoing Industrial Revolution 4.0.


I3-Mechatronics Laboratory Sponsorship

Yaskawa sponsored the i3-Mechatronics automation laboratory, valued at 330,000 USD, for the School of Electrical & Electronics Engineering at HUST. This laboratory is fully equipped with the latest technologies, solutions, and devices from Yaskawa, including robots, servo drive systems, high-performance AC inverters, motion controllers, PLCs, and digital software solutions. Integrated with equipment from leading brands like Omron, the laboratory is not only a place for training and research but also serves as a prototype model for smart manufacturing systems, digital control, and computer vision, aiming at the Industrial Revolution 4.0. This is particularly in line with HUST's curriculum and opens up new research directions for students and faculty in the field of automation.

Furthermore, Yaskawa also sponsored an automated welding robot system valued at 101,200 USD for the School of Mechanical Engineering at HUST. This system, based on Yaskawa's advanced technology, includes welding robots and cutting-edge welding equipment, servo drives, and AC inverters, focusing on training and research in welding technology, especially important in the manufacturing and automation industries.


                Assoc. Prof. Truong Hoanh Son, Rector of HUST( left), receives sponsorship from Mr. Nobuaki Jinnouchi, President and CEO of Yaskawa Electric Corporation in the Asia-Pacific region

Collaboration Process and Vision

During the donation ceremony, Mr. Nobuaki Jinnouchi, Chairman and CEO of Yaskawa for the Asia-Pacific region, highlighted the collaboration process between Yaskawa and HUST, which began in June 2022. He expressed honor in partnering with one of the leading universities in science, engineering, and technology in Vietnam and hoped to promote cross-cultural, educational, and technological exchanges.

Dr. Pham Viet Phuong, Head of the Automation Department at the School of Electrical & Electronics Engineering of HUST, shared the value that the i3-Mechatronics Laboratory brings. With integrated, intelligent, and creative technology, the laboratory not only enhances the quality of teaching and research but also helps students access advanced technology, bridging the gap between theory and practice, thereby optimizing job opportunities after graduation.


Impact and Importance

The collaboration between Yaskawa and the Hanoi University of Science and Technology opens new opportunities for students and faculty to access and apply the latest advanced technologies and plays a crucial role in shaping the future of the automation industry in Vietnam. Through this, Yaskawa is not just a technology provider but also a part of the process of training and developing high-tech talents in Vietnam, aiming for sustainable development and deep integration with the global Industry 4.0.



The landscape at the laboratory sponsored by Yaskawa at Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST).