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Total Solution Company “Yaskawa” Business Outline

The Yaskawa Electric Group consists of 79 subsidiaries and 26 affiliates with Yaskawa Electric as the core company. Each company is engaged such as in manufacturing, sales, installation, maintenance and engineering, in various businesses including “Motion Control”, “Robotics”, “System Engineering” and “Other”. The major products of each business are as follows.

Motion Control
AC servo amplifier, AC servo motors, general-purpose AC drives, photovoltaic power conditioners, motor drive system for electric vehicles, matrix converters, regenerative converters, machine controllers, vision systems, AC spindle motors and controllers for machine tools, linear motors and controllers


Arc welding robots, spot welding robots, painting robots, handling robots, picking/packing robots, palletizing robots, handling robots for press machines, sealing/cutting robots, deburring/polishing robots, clean/vacuum transfer robots for semiconductor and LCD-manufacturing equipment, peripheral equipments for robots, robot-application FA systems, service robots


System Engineering
Electrical systems for steel plants, electrical instrumentation for water supply plants and sewage treatment facilities systems, electrical systems for various industries, small-scale wind power and solar generation system, energy-related system, medium-voltage AC drives, medium-voltage matrix converters, large-scale wind power converters, industrial motors and generators, large-scale and small-scale wind power generator, electric power distribution equipment