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New Generation Robots

New Generation of Robots to Enrich our Future

The new dual-arm robot is designed to resemble the human figure.                                   The robot has slim arms that are similar to a human's arms in size and with seven joints in each arm. This human-size robot enables to replace the manual work to the automate operation without changing the existing layout and facility. The coordinates operation of seven axes for each arm and one at wrist has made it possible to move efficiently with great dexterity requiring no further exclusive equipment for robots.

What does Dual-arm do?

New MOTOMAN design to Reduce Human Workload for better Labor Conditions & Pursuit of Human-Robot Coexistence

Improvement on Logistics process

  ♦ Dual arms for secure handling

  ♦ Continuous handling without a temporary stand or reverse jig

  ♦ Distributing parts for each process

Improvement on Assembling process

  ♦ Jigless assembly with dual arms

  ♦ Jigless positioning with dual arms

  ♦ High-accuracy assembly with high-speed, high precision movements






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